I found the two videos of Spike, my poor old cockatiel, that I put up on youtube. Here they are in all their splendid glory. Its been so long since I heard him whistling, I really miss it.

<3 Tahlia

Naughty Dogs!


Oh no, Link has learned how to open the front gate with his paw, unless we find the magic key that opens the lock on it so we can secure it properly :( This means that he and Sophie have been enjoying many an hour gallivanting outside on the road with the neighbors kids. The transition from the farm we were living on to here is not going very smoothly. Both the dogs are fine and placid- Sophie is so small she can fit in my ugg-boot, but Link is a 50 kilo rottweiler mastiff cross. He’s rather large, and has a lot of teeth and drools a lot so he constantly looks a tad rabid. I can imagine him scaring the life out of a little old Granny or a small kid when loose, even though he just wants a pat and a biscuit and a chat between piddling on EVERYTHING with a scent. That’s another thing, Link has a massive bladder and craps the size of a pony’s… bleh.

In order to solve the problem for now, Corey and I spent a few hours turning the cubby house in the backyard into the Puppy Prison. They have food and water and heaps of bedding in there, so it’s probably more like Puppy Palace to them, but it’s the only time out we get until their electric fence collars arrive in the post. Boo.

Also, Sophie my darling Chihuwhat-what (we have no idea what breed mix she is, other than she’s tiiiiiiiiiiny) has taken to nicking my shoes out of the laundry. I caught her with one this afternoon and guess what? She’s now dragging it around looped through her collar until she realises shoes are not for din-dins.

I hope everyone elses dogs are being well behaved today!

Love Tahlia.

Slow Day :)


*** Sorry everyone who was hoping for photos, I was hoping to post some up but my electronics are all on strike :(

It’s been a mostly quiet kind of day today. The weather has been really cloudy and either drizzling or raining most of the time but it’s beautiful when the sun comes out. Being autumn, all the stone-fruit trees are colouring up bright reds and yellows before the leaves fall off (mostly all over our cars :/) and the colours are dazzling when the sun catches the raindrops and shines through them.

I’ve just come back from collecting the eggs. We have a big enclosed chook pen up the back of our property with a shed large enough to park your car in as their roost. We run three different breeds of duck and three different breeds of chicken and it’s really fun collecting all different coloured and shaped eggs every day. A bit of variety never killed anyone :) plus, the two Peking ducklings think I’m their mum because Corey and I bought them so young. If they’re let out of their pen they follow me EVERYWHERE. I have a strong suspicion they’d up and follow me to the shops if I let them :P They’re very sweet, eat bread right out of my hand and come running whenever I yell out for my paltry poultry friends. I consider myself pretty lucky to have such cute little guys waddling behind me in a line when I’m out gardening.

Sophie and Link were veeeery naughty dogs today.
“Little and Large” decided to go walkabout because the gate wasn’t padlocked and I didn’t notice for a couple of hours… until I realised the yard was waaaay too quiet for my two rebels to be in it still. Cue a panicked drive around town yelling like a banshee from the car window. It wasn’t until I found some tradies working on the side of the road that I saw them gallivanting around like dogs tend to do when off the leash and up to no good.


*the dogs ears prick up*

“Un-oh, Mum found us. TIME TO PISSBOLT!”

“Na-ah. Get in”

*points at car*

*dogs jump in*

*dogs sulk all the way home*

….. The funniest thing was, however, where the dogs seemed to be wandering. Straight towards the local chinese takeaway. Poor things would have been doomed if the chef saw ‘em :P

Hope you’re all having a lovely day wherever you are xoxx




Hello! Long, long, long, long, looooong time no see. In fact, I think it’s been close to 15 months since I deleted most of this blog in a fit of “waaaaaaah” after my Granny died. She was a huge fan of my little corner of the internet and after she passed away I lost my blogging mojo. And then my internet connection. And a whole other load of poop that happened what to me feels like aeons ago, now.

Of course things have changed in my life since I last blogged. Some changes are amazingly good, and others a wee bit sad.

The good bits:

I met a bloke called Corey, we hit it off and have been together for about 14 months. Not too long ago, on my 25th birthday he proposed to me, I said yes, and now we live together in a new part of Western Australia. No more beaches, but SO MANY TREES! We have a massive backyard and all sorts of critters :)

The interesting game-changer:

I no longer foster dogs for the RSPCA. After fostering eighteen dogs all up I decided I needed a change. I miss it sometimes, but Corey’s dog Link and my little pup Sophie more than make up for the lack of dogs around the house.

And the really sad news:

The list of tragic deaths of pets who used to star on this blog. Bunny, the giant breed bunny and Annie, my oldest guinea pig were both killed in an awful dog attack last year, and Hamish and Spike the cockatiels also passed away, much to my sadness. Hamish became eggbound and died quickly, and Spike died a few days after of what the vets say is a broken heart, not unusual in parrot species.

There are, along with Link and Sophie the dogs, some old favourites and some new faces here in various feathered, furred, scaled and slimey-d forms. Tomorrow I believe a photo update will be in order :)

Lots of love, and hi to new readers,

From Tahlia.

Where it began..


At the start of 2011 I was at a bit of a loose end and wanted to get involved with a local organisation and do some volunteer work, and whaddaya know, a  few days later I was at the Friends of the RSPCA op-shop and saw a flyer about fostering dogs. After talking to the co-ordinator, getting permission from my land-lord and having my house and yard inspected I was approved and registered and now I get to look after puppies and mature dogs and provide them somewhere to live while they’re waiting for their new family. I don’t tend to get much of a break in between fosters unless I need to go out-of-town for a couple of weeks, which has only happened once in the past 6 months. One of my favourite fosters,  Nellie, only went to a new home at the start of November and about 36 hours later Sebby came in needing a place to recover from being treated cruelly for a long time. He was a sad case, and ended up stressing me out so much that I traded him with another foster carer!

In other words, we’re a very busy bunch working behind the scenes to make sure no dogs are euthanized senselessly, and are instead saved when injured, dumped, surrendered or abused by people. In the past year I’ve seen some pretty miserable dogs come through my doors and take up residence for weeks or months at a time. As of the 22nd of February 2012 I’ve fostered 12 dogs. I sometimes bump into their new owners on the street and I love the fact that they’re bringing such happiness to people’s lives, and living the good life they deserve. From this blog in its earlier days I’ve been contacted by one woman who’s amazingly found my blog and seen photos of Jasper, who she now owns in a city 400 k’s away.

If you’ve got the time, the space and the heart to do it, why not consider giving some of your time to your local RSPCA branch? All creatures great and small, and they don’t euthanize any dogs that they can re-home. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls and Pit Bull crosses cannot be re-homed legally through the RSPCA in Western Australia. At our little op-shop auxiliary we foster out most dogs up to 5 years of age, and only occasionally do we put down dogs who are being fostered. It happened to me with my last gal, an elderly, pregnant American Staffy who was on medication to treat severe trauma to her ears. It was a miserable sight. I gave her probably the best week of her life while she was with me, and while it was sad we had to do it, realistically it was the kindest thing to do. Her dog-friend from the home she was seized from was also put to sleep.

Sometimes a dog can be too much to handle for some people, and that is understandable. If people want to surrender a dog they call the office and talk to the co-ordinator about it, and they will see if there are any carer’s available. Sometimes dogs go and wait in the local kennels until there is a free spot for them. We need more carer’s though… we always do. People with their hearts in the right place are offering their time but sometimes they haven’t got the right sized yard or fencing or not enough time to spend with the animals, and sometimes people trial it and realise it’s not for them. It’s not all sunshine and happiness either. Sometimes it’s very sad to see maltreated dogs and to know how many there are in the system here in such a small population compared to most. And sometimes watching a dog you’ve nurtured and bought back to health jump in the back of someone elses car at the end of his time with you makes you tear up and get all snotty because you’re watching an animal you saved from getting killed go off to live out a long, happy, loved life. It’s a warm fuzzy feeling every time.