Hello, Possums!


Hello! I’m Tahlia, a mid-twenties girl from a rural town in southern Western Australia. I live with my fiancé, Corey, on a large block with gardens, lawns, lots of fruit trees and veggie patches aaaaand a chook pen (and a house).

We have a zoo. Close to 100 furred, feathered and finned friends we choose to share our lives with.


My plans for this blog are for me to talk about my animals and for you, my reader, to talk about yours. Have you got a story, anecdote, photos or advice about your pets you want to share? Go for it!

Enjoy the read, whoever and where ever you are 🙂

❤ Tahlia


About zooinmyhouse

I'm Tahlia, a 26 year old woman living in Western Australia. I used to work as a foster mum for abused and abandoned dogs for the RSPCA. This blog is about my pets, memories from my foster work and pictures of other stuff, too :)

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