Hatching plans.


Whoops it’s  December already! This year has gone fast!

There has been so much going on here lately. Chickens have hatched left, right and centre for the past six weeks! One of the clucky hens hatched out a duckling, and one of our ducks got the cuckoo treatment as well, hatching out four little chickens just the other day. So far I’ve sold nine, with another 5-10 going this weekend. Hooray for Gumtree! It’s a nice wodge of pocket money for me, too. The duckling has become a firm friend and wonderful pet 🙂

I bought Corey a new eel to go with our big fella (peacock eel) in his aquarium, and sold a lot of the fish in mine to make space for my favorites to grow out.

On the weekend we built a 1000litre yabby farm and chucked in our first breeding stock 🙂 three months from now I expect yabby salad.

And speaking of expectations, guess who pulled a swifty on us? The Bloody Ferret. She got fat as hell but after day 45 we were scratching our heads, nothing was going on!.. She either ate the kits, absorbed them while still preggers or just had a phantom pregnancy. She came back into heat already so has spent the week with boyfriend Fez in his cage.

Our veggie patches are going mad, full of kale, chard, gooseberries and Corey’s obsessional favorite, pipinos. We’re due for a good crop of apricots, nectarines, plums, guava, fejoa, pears and apples. Canning time ahoy!

Happy summer everyone! I intend to burn to a crisp in the garden like a proper Australian this year. How about you?


About zooinmyhouse

I'm Tahlia, a 26 year old woman living in Western Australia. I used to work as a foster mum for abused and abandoned dogs for the RSPCA. This blog is about my pets, memories from my foster work and pictures of other stuff, too :)

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