In full swing.


It’s been an interesting couple of months, recently.

Gone and sold are twenty four young chickens and five ducklings for $350, and also sold are those two lovely baby ferrets Fez and Nanu had, for $200 each. Not bad for all the effort I put in over spring and summer! However I feel  I won’t be letting anymore chicks hatch like, ever. In all I had nine left after selling the rest of this years batch and they’ve settled in quite well with the other chooks, ducks and pigeons. We plan to wait until we can tell the roosters from the hens and sell them off in another month or so. I might sell my ducks as well. We’re reducing our pets down to (just, haha) the dogs, the cat, the cockatoo, budgies, ferrets, fish and a few pretty hens because Corey and I are planning on buying a house in a new town about 200 kilometres north! I so hope our loan approvals come through. I’ve been promised an eclectus parrot when we settle in up there!

My three guinea pigs all died last week from an unknown illness that appeared to spread between all three. Maybe a toxin or spider bites.. I cried so bad every time one died. All are buried in a nice spot in the garden. A few fish have died too (a gourami, three bristle nose catfish and a rummynose tetra that pissed off a discusfish) but it’s different.. These three were birthed by Lil Odd, a guinea pig I bought eight years ago. I watched them be born in my own backyard. Poor wee things.

We got so many apricots this year! I think Corey and I died a few times from the amount we were ingesting. We dried a few kilograms on the dehydrator and made fruit chips and the rest we gorged on fresh from the tree. Our elderly darl of a next door neighbor scored a bag a day of them too. Sadly our apples all got mobbed by the local wild parrot population. They pretty much laughed at our attempts to piss them off with the ging and foil in the trees. And the drought (tell me, what is rain?) screwed my plans for fejoa everything. Our lawn is a desert- all spare water went only on the bonsais and veggie patches this summer.

Oh well, cest la vie. Once Antarctica heats up a bit more this patch of Western Australia will be a few dozen metres underwater and I’ll try for a seaweed lawn.

PS: in totally not pet related news, I found and bought my wedding dress and have my maid of honour all sorted, along with a celebrant too. We’re getting married!


About zooinmyhouse

I'm Tahlia, a 26 year old woman living in Western Australia. I used to work as a foster mum for abused and abandoned dogs for the RSPCA. This blog is about my pets, memories from my foster work and pictures of other stuff, too :)

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