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A cats version of HDTV.



If Abby isn’t bashing up Sophie or pondering her existence after a dose of catnip she can be found here, in front of one of our aquariums (yes that’s a lawn chair. It’s a damn fine piece of indoor furniture! At least it isn’t a milk crate anymore, we’re almost lower middle-class now!)

The addition of the pictus catfish the other day was quite welcome, according to kitty. It’s big, shiny and its feelers look like strings. Plus it looks like it tastes like fish! What’s not to love?




New addition to the cichlid tank today- an 8cm long pictus catfish, and one of the nicest specimens Corey or I have ever seen (we’ve seen a looooooot of fish). Given the right conditions he’ll grow to 20cm easily.

We also traded some guppies over for some new rummynose tetra at the fish shop, as well as found a new home for some of my uglier baby peacocks and jack dempseys (which is how I got the pictus, for freeeeee).

Less ugly fish in the tank means more room for prettier ones later on 🙂


The dogs and cat all think Corey and I are Father Christmas today, by the way. We came home from a day in the city with a split up cow femur for them to share. They aren’t quite sharing, per se… more like playing piggy in the middle while Abby sits there confused, drowning in Links drool. Note to self, don’t pat Abby until she’s had a bath.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Meow meow!



This is our 6 month old kitten, Abby. She and her mum and siblings were found by our landlord, dumped near her house in a different shire. We got a call, checked her out and brought her home the same day. She was four weeks old and totally wild. It took a few weeks for her to relax enough for pats but we stuck with it and gave her so much love that she admitted defeat and now acts as my personal shadow. Her favourite thing to do is hide behind the toilet and jump out for pats at inopportune times (ahem). She can often be found having a personal crisis at the loungeroom window, contemplating “the great outside” and all the scary things there.

Surprisingly she and our dogs get along very well. They all share the same bed in the laundry at night and play chasey games and buzz out on catnip during the day. Such a relaxed and privileged life!