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Fishy Fotos.


Woohoo! Got two of my favourites to stay still long enough for a quick snap last night.


This is my favourite jack dempsey cichlid. He’s preeeetty.


And this is my neon blue acara. Yeah, he’s a bit fin nipped on the tail but he’s so retarded he deserved it. I found him stuck head first in an ornament next to a particularly cranky electric yellows’ cave the other day. Let me let you in on a secret- YELLOWS ARE BASTARDS!!!!! DON’T PISS EM OFF! Poor blue here was swimming on a wish and a prayer with a very sore bottom for a few days but he’s perking up well now.

And bonus Nards, eating a fish:


Have a great day everyone!


One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish!


Keeping aquariums is one of me and Corey’s favourite hobbies. Currently we run three tanks; a 400l peaceful planted tank, a 160l aggressive cichlid tank and a fourty litre coldwater axolotl tank.

Here’s a breakdown of what we have in them as of this evening 🙂

discus fish
spiny eels
rummynose tetras
guppies (and a breeder net full of baby guppies..omg so many babies)
longfin black widow tetras
lace gouramis
dwarf gouramis
khuli loaches
bristlenose catfish
neon blue acaras
jack dempsys
electric yellows
powder blues
rosy barb tetras

and Nards, our aptly named male axolotl. We used to have a female axolotl but our old cat ate her 😦 Those two bred like aquatic rabbits! Females lay anywhere between 50 and 2000 eggs per brood- it used to look so insane. We’d go to bed with an empty tank and wake up to the whole thing almost jellified with eggs. Because they turn around and eat their eggs as soon as they’re laid I’d just take out Nards and Barry (we didn’t know she was a girl until we got her a tank mate) and plop them in a different tank until that batch hatched and grew out. Of course they’d often breed again in the new tank. Woohoo!