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We’ve been busy!


The past few weeks have been great. Our clucky hen has popped out 14 baby chickens in the past week which is fantastic! Every day we go up and check the nest and there’s one or two more, the day before yesterday seven hatched at once! The baby chickens are living inside away from the stormy weather we’ve been having.



Our female ferret is up the duffers! And she has mood swings! And she craves human flesh, so we’re just letting her do her own thing until she’s nesting seriously- she got me a good one on the wrist yesterday, but other days she’s smoochy as hell. I’d love to give her cuddles but I don’t trust her not to nip so she gets arms length cuddles when I have a jumper on haha!

Aaaaand I just want to show off my fish tank.








Birds :)


All the pigeons have been out and about in the yard today ๐Ÿ™‚ Snapped a quick photo to show off all seven at once.



I also thought I’d introduce Sydney properly. He’s my oldest and dearest pet, a nearly 9 year old corella that I’ve had since he was born. He’s like my noisy, violent, arrogant shadow. He’s very protective (he bonded really fast to me and only me and anyone else cops a rather dire need for medical attention if they try and pat him), too smart for his own bloody good and gets me in trouble with the neighbors because he swears at them when they’re loud at night. He likes it quiet, because his 2000 decibel yells carry further that way. He talks and talks and talks a lot, and he’s a fantastic icebreaker when new friends visit the house. All I have to do is point in the direction of his cage and tell visitors to say hello and wallah! They’re having a proper, seemingly meaningful conversation with a cockatoo. It blows their minds half the time!




Hello Cocky!!

I hope you all have a great weekend ๐Ÿ™‚ Enjoy the weather!

Convict fry transfer success!




Mum and Dad Convict are not happy, Jan…

(also, hell yeah led panels for mood lighting)

Sophie’s got her wรผnder undies on.


Well I woke up to a murder scene. Sophie’s on her first ever serious heat. Thank you, mother nature. She was obviously having trouble staying clean so we did the smart thing and took her for a trip to the pet shop for some “feminine necessities” (Oh my god I never thought I’d ever type that sentence, ha!).

So now pup-pup is rocking some seriously nifty thing made of elastic straps and “pleather” that has a napkin insert. All she needs is a cape and she can be Super Menses Mutt! When she’s outside we just slip it off so she can feel the breeze and it takes only a few seconds to put back on so she can go back inside.

I highly, highly recommend these sort of products for anyone with a dog on heat. It’s a bit kinder than exiling her to the bitches box up the back, especially with the really horrible weather lately.


Convict cichlid nest :)



If you look in the middle of the above photo you can see lots and lots of little orange spheres with black dots in them. These are fertile Convict Cichlid eggs! They’ll be hatching tomorrow night, me thinks. Mum convict has gone insane digging a rather large pit underneath the ornament she laid them in to keep the babies safe. After they hatch they’ll eat mums slime coating off her scales for nutrition and then they’ll move onto fry food. My plan is to catch mum and a few dozen babies and put them in a breeding net hanging off the side of the tank they’re currently in. If they survive and grow big enough they can be sold on or traded ๐Ÿ™‚

I love how this hobby pretty much pays for itself. 

More babies!


My male and female pair of convict cichlids made a nest and laid  eggs in the tank last night! I did a substrate change and siphoned out some of the crap from the bottom of the tank and that appears to have been enough for mum fish to lay her eggs.

I’ve got a brood net all set up and ready to go for when they hatch- now it’s just a waiting game.


The nest is in the ship ornament on the left ๐Ÿ™‚ Tomorrow or the next day the eggs should be dark enough to show up on camera.

Happy Fathers Day!

My first clutch of baby pigeons are all growed up!



I thought I’d show the two of them off now they’re not ugly little pink monster-things ๐Ÿ™‚ Here they are on top of the chooks water tank- pure breed white fantail homing pigeons!

They’re pretty close to a month old andย It’s crazy how fast they grow- less than two months from the time they’re laid as eggs to the time they are weaned!

Apart from my babies I also have five adult fantail pigeons. They all free fly everyday (there’s no roof on the chook pen), potter around in the gardens and have coo-ing contests while they roll around in the sand. They’re really curious little birds, too. One or two will act as lookouts for the flock all day and they’ll come fly down the yard and check us out when we’re hanging out laundry or gardening. Judging by the way these squeakers turned out they’re great parents, too.

A cats version of HDTV.



If Abby isn’t bashing up Sophie or pondering her existence after a dose of catnip she can be found here, in front of one of our aquariums (yes that’s a lawn chair. It’s a damn fine piece of indoor furniture! At least it isn’t a milk crate anymore, we’re almost lower middle-class now!)

The addition of the pictus catfish the other day was quite welcome, according to kitty. It’s big, shiny and its feelers look like strings. Plus it looks like it tastes like fish! What’s not to love?

Fishy Fotos.


Woohoo! Got two of my favourites to stay still long enough for a quick snap last night.


This is my favourite jack dempsey cichlid. He’s preeeetty.


And this is my neon blue acara. Yeah, he’s a bit fin nipped on the tail but he’s so retarded he deserved it. I found him stuck head first in an ornament next to a particularly cranky electric yellows’ cave the other day. Let me let you in on a secret- YELLOWS ARE BASTARDS!!!!! DON’T PISS EM OFF! Poor blue here was swimming on a wish and a prayer with a very sore bottom for a few days but he’s perking up well now.

And bonus Nards, eating a fish:


Have a great day everyone!

Buddy and Wally



These two chirpy little things are my pet budgies (if you can see them through the blur) They’re about 14 months old, from different clutches and we got them mid 2013. I work every day with hand taming and getting them to respond to commands. My biggest tip here is to clip their wings and use food rewards for reinforcing good behaviours, like coming back to you and answering when called (great for when such a tiny bird is lost somewhere behind a couch or cupboard). Wing clipping has its upsides and downsides but I find they fly out a lot less doors and windows and build trust with owners faster that way.

Budgies are cheeky, inquisitive, chatty and make great first birds for parrot lovers. They don’t bite all that badly, come in amazing colours and absolutely love company- plus they’re quite the talkers! My mum had a budgie named Pip for a long time when I was little- he’d hide under your hair behind your ear and whisper “kick your arse, kick your arse” as threateningly as he could at you. Pip had a penchant for washing machines. Twice mum had to pull him out of the wash cycle. Surprisingly he lived both times. We think he liked being dried off with the hair dryer and totally spoiled, given how readily he dove back in a few weeks later.

On that note: always supervise parrots when they’re out of the cage! Give a bird a choice of seeds or electrical cord and the idiots will hoe down on all the insulated copper wiring they can eat. Or, in the case of my rather large Corella, Sydney, they’ll destroy your mountain bike. Yep. Back when he was about a year old he got out of his cage while I was at work. I came home to find shredded tyres and inner tubing pulled out, all the cushion from the seat chewed off, the handle grips missing, a fair attempt made at my brake cables and one very proud parrot perched atop the fridge, hitting the busted bike bell against the wall absolutely fascinated by the sound.

Budgies need a good size cage, fresh seed, water and veggies daily. At night they need to sleep in a dark, quiet room, and during the day they will need some flying time and toys to play with to stop boredom or destructive behaviours. I have seen, sadly, what lazy parrot owners often end up with: pluckers. Give a bird no love and it does its own equivalent of bashing its head against a jail cell wall- it pulls out its feathers, tears at its skin and can end up eviscerating itself. Be careful and be kind, always, to your pet parrot. They are very long lived.